Thursday, November 19, 2009


Teotihuacan ~ The Place where Humans Become God

I have just returned from Teo...had another wonderful journey into the heart of my being.  Everytime I travel I remember again and again, here I am.  We can fool ourselves into thinking that a place, or person, or circumstance, will change us, that somehow we'll be different because of external forces.  And though that may be true on a subtle level, it is our internal being that is the real filter for our Self in the world.  For me, going to a place like Teo is an opportunity to embrace my shadow side, because there it still is.  I see the challenges that are triggered by my shadow as opportunities for growth.  Will I choose a different response this time?  Or will I react? Or will I just witness.  This time I was a witness.  "Ahhh, there you are my old companions: Anger, Self-Righteouness, and Jealousy."

That's not to say that those emotions are the norm of my personality by any means, but they rear their head in my dreams and in my assumptions.  And I take note.  I know soon there will be chance to embrace their energy and select a higher road, one of love, humility, compassion, or forgiveness. I am grateful to Teo for being a mirror.  For being a place where I can know my Self, let go of the past, and put my old beliefs to rest.

Returning from Teo I feel a lightness of being.  I have been awakened and transformed on a deep level, in more ways than I know now.  With a satisfied smile, I breath into life.  I love myself just the way I am.