Friday, October 8, 2010

My New Yoga Studio in Boise!

Never before has my life been filled with more union, more yoga, than now!

Just a few weeks ago I was wed to the love of my life, then soon after returning to Boise from our sweet honeymoon, I began teaching at MUUV.  Joining the MUUV Team has been a super exciting and rewarding process for me, and I greatly look forward to the fruits of our union. 

But something even more exciting (a little less exciting than marriage...though a marriage of its own sort) is the new yoga studio I will soon be opening in downtown Boise with my partner and friend Heather Earl, who is also a Nosara grad.  I've been a bit quiet about it through our planning process just in case something fell apart (didn't want to jinx it), and perhaps because I was so preoccupied with things like, say, planning a huge four day wedding weekender, that I was a little overwhelmed at times (to put it lightly).  Now that the wedding was a success & MUUV has been a beautiful transition, Sage Yoga & Wellness's due date is upon us. 

We are so thrilled to have found the most amazing space for our yoga studio right in the heart of downtown Boise!

I'll be posting our complete schedule, Grand Opening date, and other details as they fully unfold.  For now, check us out on Facebook and Blogspot


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