Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A New Path

The past few months I have witnesses many changes in my life: a move from Seattle to Boise, being a first time homeowner, teaching a new yoga class, becoming a dog owner (Chloe Dot the Thunder Dog!), and getting engaged to be married, plus lots of travel and adjusting to Maya's new school schedule and Bill's new work schedule. Lot's happening! To say the least, I am a Householder like I never have been before.

I finally feel pretty settled into our new home (which I absolutely love, so that makes it kinda easy) and am ready to get back on track with writing and my personal practices. The practices have certainly taken a back seat during all of this transition. Though through it all I don't know if I've ever felt more connected to spirit or my personal strength. These are powerful times we are living in, full of impetuous and hope. It seems that almost as soon as an idea comes into my head I see it manifest in the world.

But I'm learning patience too, something, as those closest to me can attest to, I'm not always the best at. Is there something about being in the now that makes you want it all now? I have to remember that just because I can see it in my mind's eye doesn't mean that it's ready to awaken in the world. I have a quote over my dresser that reminds me that life needs to bloom at its own rate: Its a card I framed of a beautiful purple flower with the caption "Joy surprises the patient soul." Indeed it does.

Looking back at how much my life has transformed over the last year, its almost hard for me to believe how many seeds have come to fruition. I still have bigger dreams that are yet to manifest (like getting a paying job...)but I'm not worried because I'm taking active steps towards them. And that's what we're here to do: to dream, have clarity of vision, then be commited to climbing each rung of the ladder towards the goal. And one day you're there and the view is magnificent.

At the same time, I am trying to remain open to unforeseen twists and forks in the road. Often the events and circumstances in life can be even greater than you had hoped or imagined, but only if you're willing to let in the unexpected. This is where patience comes in, and a little bit of trust. And there's the paradox too: to be open yet focused, to have clarity while allowing for the mystery. Does this lead to the best possible life? I can't say so for certain, but I sure am pretty happy. I can feel settled with the knowledge that this new path that lies before me is of my own creation, and deep gratitude for the grace that has allowed me to experience it.

Where could you allow more of the unknown in your life? And where do you need more to put more concentrated effort?

Remember...Joy surprises the patient soul!

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