Friday, December 18, 2009

CONCIOUSNESS RISING: Autopoiesis, Yoga, and Psychotherapy for Personal and Global Healing

I will be on a panel discussion at the Association of Transpersonal Psychology's annual conference in February 2010 with Babalola Chris-Rotimi, PhD and Tina Benson, MA.
Our panel will be:


In this panel discussion you will hear from three different practitioners; a spiritual healer, a yoga teacher, and a psychotherapist about how these modalities can and are being used to create Self realization and bring healing to a world in crisis.  Babalola Chris-Rotimi, Ph.D., will briefly explore the concept of the Autopoiesis Theory of living systems, applying this theory to the idea of God as such a living system, share some thoughts on how God seems to be undergoing its own evolutionary process through the ages, and finally relate all of these to personal and global healing.  Marisa Smith, M.A., will share how as an ancient science of personal growth and the lived experience of spirit, yoga is helping to heal the Western psyche and the epidemic disharmony of life without inner knowing. Tina M. Benson, M.A., will be looking at the role of the pyschotherapist in guiding clients towards a transpersonal and transcendent experience of their own divinity.  She will also be showing a short film entitled, What Matters Most; a compilation of voices expressing the human longing for remembering each other and ourselves as expressions of the divine. 

This is sure to be an incredible event with many other inspiring speakers and discussions.  For more information, visit the ATP website.  

Hope to see you there!


Bilimoria, Purushottama said...

Where is you studio?

Marisa Smith, MA said...

I teach now at Muse Studio in Boise, Idaho.

My other studio, that I opended with my mother, is in Sheridan, Montana.

Anonymous said...

Thanks. Oh too bad, it is far away from Marin, CA. I will therefore take Yogini Infinity lessons from Tina M Benson with whom you shared the forum. If you have any writings on it would love if you could share. Any hints on improving yoga practices welcomes. All best to your endeavours!