Sunday, December 20, 2009

Playing With Maya

Life is a game, a dance, a play in which we are the willingly fooled participants, and as agreed, we have forgotten all of this so that we may play the game of remembrance.
Imagine the universe as a living entity.  You can visualize it as an actual deity, such as Brahma (the Creator), while you, the earth, and other aspect of our reality, are but a small part of this larger, living whole.  We are like the little finger of Brahma.  Is the little finger not a part of Brahma too? Yes, it can act independently and unaware of the greater body of which it is a part, but just because it does not know, does not mean it is separate.  This is us.  We are unaware of the larger consciousness of which we are an inseparable component, but that limited perspective does not create an actual separation.

Maya, my six year old, is home now on Christmas Break from school.  She is distracting to have around, and I told her she needed to go outside and play with our border collie Chloe, so that I can have a few minutes to write in peace.  I just heard the front door open and Maya say, "Come Chloe!" to bring her back inside after only being gone from my awareness for a couple minutes.  My immediate reaction was just to yell back, "Maya, stay outside!" And the door slammed shut as she retreated back out.  To me, this is a perfect example of how we live in our 3D reality.  The Maya, or illusion, is scurrying all around, but we want even the idea of it to be hidden so that we may get on with our oh-so-important tasks at hand.  But are they really that important, all that stuff we fill our time with?  No.  It's all just a game, with an end goal of awakening, with no winners or losers, or first place.  And how we play the game, the journey from start to finish, is completely up to us.  I'm going to end this diversion now; I've got a puppy and my Maya to play with.  This hand of Brahma is going to throw a Frisbee.