Thursday, April 8, 2010


This month's C4 (Capital City Creative Collaboration) words were Coiled and Extended. I took pen to paper as I explored these pregnant words. I've never considered myself a poet, or even tried my hand at poetry, but here is the result...


Reaching and recoiling, I move through life
Always in a state of change, I sometimes flow, sometimes bounce, sometimes scream across this time/space
Never to remain satisfied, but for the slightest pause at the top of the breath
I labor onward, inward, outward
Tailing the song of a shapeshifting siren
Refractions of my Self peer, jeer, at my comically hopeless venture
In the depths it is know that this is all a facade
I feel its whispered remembrance, like the ghostly shell of a long abandoned and forgotten temple - we will never really know what this is all for

I curl my knees to my chest and assume the fetal position
Out of fear, out of habit, out of self-preservation
I don't want to me

A flicker of curiosity

Blooming, I grow into being
Joining hands, we dance along this spinning dream
Open to you, I know I am through your eyes.

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