Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Toltec & Yoga Retreat in Teotihuacan

JUNE 10-15, 2010 with Lee McCormick, Emily Grieves & Marisa Smith, MA
Teotihuacan, Mexico - The Dreaming House  $995

 Every Experience in Teo is a New Experience!

Spirit Recovery has created an amazing opportunity for those who have never been to Teotihuacan before and for those of you who have. If you have been to Teo before you will have the opportunity to take this experience to the next level.

This June we will explore ancient ceremonial caves in the hills high above Teo. Also, we will venture to Tlaminca, the sacred mountain and inspirational home of legendary poet king Nezahualcoyotl.

Join Lee and Emily to visit these extraordinary places and to travel through the ancient and powerful city of Teotihuacan where for 2,000 years humans have gathered for healing practices and sacred ceremony. This journey will free your mind, body and spirit to clear, connect, and commune in ways you have not yet been capable of! Your journey will be the greatest of gifts to yourself and to all those you love.

Under the gentle guidance of Marisa's yoga and meditation teachings, you will learn to truly honor your body as the temple of your spirit and adjust to your newfound energy.

Join us for only $995!

Accommodations provided by the beautiful Dreaming House. Delicious meals and transportation to and from airport and to ancient sites included. Price is based on double occupancy, single accommodations available. Does not include airfare to Mexico City.

Please contact Gretchen for more information and registration at information@spiritrecovery.com 615-557-5245